Why should I volunteer at Sambodhi Home?

This is a great opportunity to put your energy, enthusiasm and skills to good use for a great cause. Our projects aim to bring Sambodhi Home above the standard of ‘basic care’, offering respite and activities to the residents living at Sambodhi Home. Not only will you be able to make a real difference, but also you will have the opportunity to visit a beautiful country and experience a new culture.

What is a camp?

A camp is an organized volunteer placement, where the start date and duration of the camp is fixed. Volunteers commence and complete their placement together. Click here to see the camp dates for 2020.

What happens at our camps?

Volunteers can expect to assist residents on excursions to the beach, temple, park and other nearby attractions. Volunteers will join the residents in daily art workshops and exercise programs. The residents really benefit from individual attention. A volunteer’s primary goal is to respond to the needs of the residents. Assisting a resident with limited mobility enjoy their favorite activity is a day well spent. Popular activities include learning English, cricket, dancing, ball games, drawing or painting.

What are basic requirements for volunteers?

Volunteers must 20 years or older on the volunteer program start date and have adequate travel insurance and provide a police clearance certificate. Volunteers will also be asked to provide at least two references during their application.

Artists @ Sambodhi Home

How long is each camp?

The minimum duration for volunteering is 3 weeks, with the exception of Easter camp. Repeat volunteers or volunteers, who already have experience working in the field of disability can apply to volunteer for 2 week placements, provided their dates fall within the camp dates. Experienced volunteers may include occupational therapists, speech therapists, physiotherapists, nurses, primary school teachers, special subject teachers, care workers etc.

How much does it cost?

Camps cost between 1500 euro (for 3 weeks) and 1700 euro (for 4 weeks). Repeat volunteers can return on two week placements during the summer costing 900 euros. Easter camp is open to new and old volunteers and costs 900 euro.

What’s included in my fee?

  • Airport pick-up and drop off
  • Accommodation at the Volunteer House
  • Three meals a day at the Volunteer House
  • All excursions with the residents and programs run during summer camp at Sambodhi Home
  • A substantial donation to selected projects in the home for 2020
  • Pre-departure support via email and phone
  • In country training and support from the project manager during placement
  • A Volunteer Social Evening
  • A local phone card / SIM; Be sure to bring an unblocked phone

What is not included in my fee?

  • Flights to and from Sri Lanka
  • Visa fee
  • Travel Insurance
  • Vaccinations necessary for travel
  • Personal excursions / expenses
  • Accommodation while traveling at weekends
  • Tourist activities not included in the volunteer program

Interested in volunteering? CONTACT US and we will send you an application form.

Interested local volunteers living or working in Sri Lanka should CONTACT US to find out how they can become part of Sambodhi Home Projects team.

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